INA and the City of Zagreb Are Cooperating on the Introduction of Hydrogen in Public City Transport

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Zagreb — INA and the City of Zagreb, by signing a Joint Cooperation Agreement, formalized a partnership that has lasted since 2018 on the project of introducing hydrogen as an environmentally friendly fuel for clean and energy efficient vehicles in the transport sector in the City of Zagreb. development of the hydrogen market in the Republic of Croatia.

Last year, with the support of INA, the City of Zagreb successfully applied for the “Hydrogen” project at the open invitation of the Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) , an association supported by the European Commission on the introduction of hydrogen technologies in European economies. This provided technical assistance to the consulting companies Element Energy and Tresors in the further development of the project, which is fully funded by the FCH JU. A detailed analysis of the current situation and comprehensive preparation for the introduction of hydrogen buses in public transport will be made, which includes the development of a business model and the necessary infrastructure such as supply, filling stations and hydrogen storage.

Snag 3d22efb5The Zagreb Electric Tram (ZET) is also a partner in the project, at whose bus terminal in Zagreb an Agreement was signed, which aims to regulate mutual relations during the project implementation period. On behalf of the City of Zagreb, the Agreement was signed by Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, Deputy Mayor, who is the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, and stated:“I can proudly say that, together with our colleagues and partners, we are working on a comprehensive preparation for the introduction of clean and sustainable technologies without greenhouse gas emissions in our ZET – one of the key links of Zagreb’s infrastructure. This project is the beginning of a strong investment and modernization cycle for ZET in the context of promoting clean and sustainable technologies without emissions – in full compliance with all local and national strategies and guidelines on the subject. “, And reminded that the City of Zagreb recently launched a comprehensive audit process and harmonization of all energy and climate policies of the City with the forthcoming European Climate Law.

On behalf of INA, the Agreement was signed by members of the Management Board Darko Markotić and Niko Dalić, who emphasized: “INA is strongly committed to environmental protection and energy transition and continuously examines all profitable business opportunities that are not necessarily part of traditional activities. Hydrogen can certainly be one of such opportunities and that is why I thank the City of Zagreb and ZET for becoming pioneers of the hydrogen economy in Croatia together with us. I believe that other cities will soon move in the direction chosen by Zagreb. ”

The project will define the necessary investments for the introduction of hydrogen in public transport, and their launch is expected in the next period, after which the City of Zagreb should join the few cities in Europe such as Aberdeen, Cologne or Wiesbaden that have already introduced hydrogen as a fuel in public transport. .

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