Increased Capacity at Hynion Høvik Hydrogen Station

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Increased Capacity at Hynion Hovik Hydrogen Station

The work on certification of line II at Høvik has now been completed and a certificate from the accredited inspectors has been received. Hynion can thus open line II for regular refueling.

The opening marks a milestone for the hydrogen supply in that the station becomes the first redundant station in Norway, and one of very few in the world. Ever since the station was planned, the idea has been that this should be a secure station, and that it should always be able to de

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liver hydrogen. It is designed so that the two dispensers each have their own independent compressor and filling line. If there is maintenance on a line, the back-up is only three meters away.

Over the past year, Hynion has operated a line that has had low capacity, and there has been a need for appointments and filling at reduced pressure to provide as much, as much hydrogen as possible. With an uptime at the station of a formidable 99.9%, this has worked, and with this solution, the station has delivered up to twice the designed capacity. The customers have received close follow-up to ensure that the customer’s needs and the station’s capacity have matched to the greatest possible extent.

As of today, Hynion Høvik will supply hydrogen from two dispensers with the option of refueling around the clock. There is sufficient capacity to meet current needs, and Hynion will follow developments closely to develop the station to ensure good supply also for the expected growth in hydrogen vehicles.

One would think that customers knew that Hynion would get the certificate this day, because the influx of cars to the station has never been so great – as many as 22 cars came by on Wednesday to refuel.

Source: Hynion


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