Korea Gas Corporation signs MOU with Gwangju Metropolitan City to Build a Hydrogen Production Base

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September 21, 2020 |

Kogas Gwangju City

Scheduled to be completed in December 2022, expected to be a hub for revitalizing the hydrogen economy in Gwangju-Honam region

On September 15th, the Korea Gas Corporation (CEO Hee-bong Chae) announced that it had signed a business agreement for the promotion of a base-type hydrogen production base construction project at Gwangju City Hall.

The event was attended by 10 people from both organizations, including President Chae Hee-bong and Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor Lee Yong-seop.

This project plan is to build a medium-sized hydrogen production base capable of producing more than 4 tons of hydrogen per day using the natural gas supply chain in areas where hydrogen demand is expected to increase. Gwangju Metropolitan City and Gyeongnam Changwon City were finally selected.

With this agreement, the two organizations agreed to cooperate with each other in various fields such as provision of business sites, support for licensing and approval, and timely production and supply of hydrogen.

The base-type hydrogen production base, scheduled to be completed in December 2022, will serve as a stable supply of hydrogen to the Honam area within 70 km of Gwangju Metropolitan City.

President Chae Hee-bong said, “With this agreement, we will work with Gwangju City to build a base-type hydrogen production base in a timely manner, thereby laying the foundation for revitalizing the hydrogen economy in the Honam region.”



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