Methanol Institute Welcomes Element 1 as Newest Association Member

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Element One Joins Methanol Institute
  • Global Leader in small-scale to medium-scale methanol to H2-generator technology joins global methanol association

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES-– The Methanol Institute (MI) is pleased to welcome Element I Corp (e1) as the association’s newest member. 

e1 is the global leader in small-scale to medium-scale methanol to H2-generator technology with solutions for both fuel cell stationary power, and fuel cell HD mobility; hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), and on the vehicle hydrogen generators (trucks, trains, and marine vessels). The company maintains world-class product development and testing facilities in Bend, Oregon, United States, with a subsidiary office in Jiaxing, China. e1’s methanol reforming products are scalable, reliable, and affordable; solve the “H2 Challenge” for fuel cell power solutions, and are accelerating the adoption of fuel cell solutions globally.

e1 has a licensing business model that was designed to support “Made in Country” Initiatives. e1’s products are integrated with PEM fuel cells provided by Ballard, Hydrogenics, Intelligent Energy, Nedstack, Horizon, and soon, PowerCell. e1 has several existing license partners in place that will quickly move to the manufacture and commercialization of our technology in China, and the USA. e1 will soon announce a new partnership with a significant Asian vehicle manufacturer of HD trucks, as well as a new collaboration for distributed power solutions in Africa.

e1 President Robert Schluter noted that “e1 looks forward to working with MI members in advocating the many benefits of methanol as an H2 carrier for markets that are rapidly investing in, and adopting clean fuel cell power solutions.”

About the Methanol Institute (MI): 
As the trade association for the global methanol industry, the Methanol Institute (MI) represents world’s leading methanol producers, distributors and technology companies from its offices in Singapore, Washington, Brussels and Beijing.

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