Thursday Throwback Story: Nikola Motors Successfully Tests Two Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks in Arizona and California

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Fuel Celll Works, Nikola Motors Conducts a Successful Experimental Trip Using Two Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

In January 2022, we highlighted a story about Nikola Motors successfully completing an experimental journey with two hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks, known as Nikola Tre.

The Nikola Motors Tre, which started being developed in Ulm, Germany, is a truck-based on the Iveco S-Way. The vehicle will be available in fully electrical, battery-operated, or hydrogen fuel cell versions.

Nikola has been working on this hydrogen version since at least 2016, so it is highly anticipated. In the United States, the company announced this week that it had taken two Trees on a road test between Arizona and California.

Nikola Tre Test Drive 2

A total of 560 kilometers were covered by trucks that had been fueled with hydrogen at the Nikola plant, and when they arrived at their destination, there was still a lot of fuel left in the tanks.

A route did not appear to have been disclosed, nor did the consumption, nor the type of hydrogen, whether liquefied or compressed. Despite this, the announcement is promising since the models will be highly anticipated.

Currently, Nikola Tre has reached the alpha stage of its development as a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). As a result, even though the project has been completed and the first tests have been performed, a lot of work remains to be done.

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Read the most up to date Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industry news at FuelCellsWorks


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