Osaka Gas Liquid Launches HYSERVE-5 New Hydrogen Generator

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Osaka Gas Hydrogen Generator2

New brand of small sized hydrogen generator

On April 1st, 2019, Osaka Gas Liquid Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: 5F, the Sumitomo Bldg. No.3, 4-7-19, Kitahama, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0041, Japan, President: Kenichi Kawamoto) has announced the launch of HYSERVE-5, steam reformer-type small hydrogen generator effectively producing hydrogen from piped gas or LP gas.

Daigas group, our parent company, has been marketing three types of hydrogen generator with the brand name of “HYSERVE”, whose hourly hydrogen production volumes are 30Nm3, 100Nm3, and 300Nm3 respectively.

Osaka Gas Liquid adds smaller volume version with the capacity of 5Nm3 per hour to the original line-up. Hydrogen is supplied by the containers such as cylinders or curdles for the smaller volume customers. If the consumers are located away from hydrogen delivery station, hydrogen price for such customers tends to be higher. Because delivery cost is higher and containers need to be replaced before hydrogen is used up.

By utilizing “HYSERVE-5”, hydrogen is produced effectively within customers’ premises in accordance with their demand volume. Hence hydrogen can be served at reasonable price. In addition, labor saving is realized by reducing receiving work of containers. In addition, demand for smaller size hydrogen generator is expected to increase with the spread of fuel cell forklift and so forth. Hydrogen can be supplied for such new usages at reasonable price by introducing “HYSERVE-5”.

Osaka Gas Liquid Co., Ltd., as a member of Daigas group, will continue to contribute to realize hydrogen energy society to endeavor to reformer-type hydrogen generator.

[Outline of product]

Product name HYSERVE-5
Date of sales commencement April 2019
Sales areas Japan (We accept individual inquiry for the sales overseas.)


Hydrogen production capacity 5Nm3/h(per unit)
Raw material gas Piped gas (13A), LPG
Purity 99.99vol% or higher
Basic unit consumption rate*1 0.35 Nm3-13A/Nm3-H2
0.18 Nm3-LPG/Nm3-H2
Pressure 0.65 MPaG
Required installation space*2 4,650 mm(W)×1,200 mm(D)×2,500mm(H)
Dry weight*3 Approx. 2,500kg
  • *1:This indicator shows the required flow volume of raw material gas to produce 1Nm3hydrogen
  • *2:Including body and compressor unit. Length of exhaust piping is excluded from the height.
  • *3:Including body and compressor unit.

“HYSERVE” is a registered trademark of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

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