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SFC Energy AG publishes figures for the first quarter of 2020 – High momentum in Clean Energy & Mobility segment with methanol and hydrogen fuel cells, despite initial COVID-19 effects

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  • Consolidated sales at €16,119k, almost at previous year’s level (Q1/2019: €16,457k)
  • Adjusted EBITDA at €820k (Q1/2019: €1,553k), adjusted EBIT at €13k (Q1/2019: €756k)
  • Clean Energy & Mobility with sales increase of 71.2% to €5,126k (Q1/2019: €2,994k)
  • Despite a dynamic first quarter, a detailed forecast for 2020 is still not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the very volatile development of the oil price

Brunnthal/Munich – SFC Energy AG (ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading international supplier of fuel cells and stationary and mobile hybrid power generation, just published its figures for the first quarter of 2020.

Japan Embassy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai Main

Japanese Embassy in Berlin Drives with Hydrogen: Japan on the way to the Hydrogen Society

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  • Japanese ambassador Takeshi Yagi tests Toyota Mirai for everyday usability
  • In everyday operation, a good 500 kilometers possible without a fuel stop
  • Hydrogen mobility as part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

Cologne. Those who travel long distances usually have to plan several time-consuming charging breaks with purely electric cars. 

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