PAU: Hydrogen Infrastructure Plans Have Started with the Construction of the Hydrogen Station

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FEBUS Hydrogen Bus in PAU 1 3

Last Friday, a new step in the FEBUS project was unveiled : the construction works of the refuelling station have started to prepare the way for FEBUS, the first worldwide BRT system using fuel cell buses.

Pau hydrogen station work started

Not only will the Hydrogen Refuelling Station be built but also the bus depot will be reshuffled and a new maintenance workshop created. 

Hydrogen will be produced 100% locally with 100% renewable electricity. Daily production capacity : 174 to 268 kg hydrogen.

The 8 buses will be refuelled at night and will have a minimum range of 240 km and transport 1,000 passengers/hour : this equals the same performance as a tramway with 4 times less investment. 

With the commitment of the works of its hydrogen station, the project Fébus crosses a new stage and marks a decisive step towards structuring a hydrogen mobility network at the scale of the Pau agglomeration.

As part of the commissioning of Fébus, the Pau Béarn Urban Community Pyrenees launches the last phase of the works: the construction of the production station and hydrogen distribution at the Pau site of the current transport operations center IDELIS.

Photo:Nicolas Sabathier

More information (in French) in the press pack attached.

File:   20190111 Febus-Dossier Press Station H2.pdf

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