Plug Power Deploys its Third Hybrid Hydrogen Fueling Station in Cocoa, FL

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LATHAM, N.Y., Oct. 11, 2018 — Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ:PLUG), a leader in providing energy solutions that change the way the world moves, has deployed its third hybrid GenFuel hydrogen station in Cocoa, FL. Based on continued success with its first two hybrid GenFuel stations in Texas and California, Plug Power launched a third station that combines the best attributes of liquid hydrogen storage with on-site hydrogen generation. With rising demands for hydrogen, these stations enable customers to respond fast and easily to hydrogen demand peaks.

Plug Power customers using the hybrid system enjoy business-enhancing benefits, including lower hydrogen fuel costs, and the flexibility to easily respond to seasonal business dynamics, such as those seen within the retail industry. In addition, the on-site hydrogen generation capability provides operational continuity throughout logistical emergencies, during which hydrogen fuel delivery may be interrupted. This attribute is critical in states like Florida, where hurricane season can have a significant impact on businesses and their customers.

“Plug Power solutions are designed to keep customer fleets up and running, significantly improving productivity, efficiency and the bottom line,” said Andy Marsh, CEO for Plug Power. “With this deployment, we’re expanding the availability of economical hydrogen solutions for electric vehicle operating fleets in North America.”

The GenFuel hybrid fueling station includes a natural gas-fed reformer and liquid hydrogen storage. The on-site generation solution reliably produces hydrogen via the modular reformer and utilizes stored liquid hydrogen to manage demand peaks.

This hybrid fueling station is another example of Plug Power’s continued efforts to be on the cutting edge of hydrogen technology in order to expand the global hydrogen economy. To date, Plug Power GenFuel customers have performed more than 15 million hydrogen fuels into more than 21,000 electric vehicles. Plug Power has also completed more than 70 hydrogen fueling stations, each with four to six hydrogen dispensers.

About Plug Power Inc. 
The architect of modern hydrogen and fuel cell technology, Plug Power is the innovator that has taken hydrogen and fuel cell technology from concept to commercialization. Plug Power has revolutionized the material handling industry with its full-service GenKey solution, which is designed to increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints in a reliable, cost-effective way. The Company’s GenKey solution couples together all the necessary elements to power, fuel and serve a customer. With proven hydrogen and fuel cell products, Plug Power replaces lead acid batteries to power electric industrial vehicles, such as the lift trucks customers use in their distribution centers.

Extending its reach into the on-road electric vehicle market, Plug Power’s ProGen platform of modular fuel cell engines empowers OEMs and system integrators to rapidly adopt hydrogen fuel cell technology. ProGen engines are proven today, with thousands in service, supporting some of the most rugged operations in the world. Plug Power is the partner that customers trust to take their businesses into the future. Learn more at


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