Pure ETCR Launches New Chapter in Electric Car Racing

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  • Hydrogen-powered generators will be used in the paddock because they are significantly less-impactful than traditional internal combustion-powered units.

Introducing PURE ETCR; the world’s first all-electric multi-brand touring car championship.

Promoted by Eurosport Events, the Discovery-owned promoter behind the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup and FIM Endurance World Championship, PURE ETCR promises the exhilarating battles and will unlock the incredible potential of high-performance electric vehicles.

PURE ETCR brings together the spirit of on-track competition in its purest sense and the world’s most powerful touring cars to create electrifying on-track battles that will thrill motorsport fans and provide a brand-new platform for the biggest automotive manufacturers to showcase their latest electric production cars in the intense environment of the racetrack.

Not only are the cars brand new; so is the event format.

To highlight the ultra-high-performance capabilities of the 500kw PURE ETCR vehicles, every car will be put through its paces in a number of short, sharp, wheel-to-wheel battles; each driver pushing their car to its limits with no need for energy-saving tactics.

A live draw will split the PURE ETCR field into Battle groups with drivers from the same manufacturer deliberately kept apart for Battle 1. Cars start side-by-side with the first-drawn driver having the first choice on where they line up.

Winners progress to the top groups of Battle 2 with runners-up squaring-up against each other and the remaining drivers doing the same. All Battle 2 winners progress to the Grand Final with runners-up in the B Final and the remaining drivers in the C Final.

An increasing number of points are awarded at every stage except Battle 3; a single-car, all-or-nothing blast over one lap to determine who gets the first choice of starting position in each final. The Grand Final winner is the event King or Queen and will automatically be the top points-scorer for the round.

PURE ETCR aims to change attitudes towards electric vehicles and promote electric mobility as a matter of social responsibility. With this in mind, a series of key commitments have been made to achieve greater sustainability in motorsport.

One key action for the inaugural season is a commitment not to use air freight, and instead to rely on sea freight, which is 100 times less impactful environmentally. This is achieved by an optimized calendar that groups scheduled events together by region.

Hydrogen-powered generators will be used in the paddock because they are significantly less-impactful than traditional internal combustion-powered units.

We acknowledge that the sourcing of power is a key factor of the environmental footprint of electric vehicles so less-impactful sourcing will always be favored. As a promoter, Eurosport Events commits to changing the way events are organized to a less-impactful manner.


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