Resato Will Build Two Hydrogen Stations for Holthausen Northern Netherlands

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Resato Holthausen Hydrogen Station for Netherlands

The two companies in the Northern Netherlands, Holthausen and Resato International, have joined forces to further develop the hydrogen economy in the form of two new hydrogen filling stations. 

It is expected that hydrogen drivers will be able to refuel at large, public hydrogen filling stations in Groningen in mid-2021 and in Amsterdam at the end of 2021.

Contribution to national hydrogen network
Holthausen is the first company in the Northern Netherlands to start running on hydrogen. As a forerunner, they want to show that emission-free driving is the future. The construction of the two hydrogen filling stations, entirely made of Dutch soil, adds extra strength to their plans to ensure that hydrogen vehicles in the northern provinces can soon be refueled. It is their philosophy to advance the Netherlands in the field of hydrogen through cooperation.

“With the realization of these two filling stations in the Netherlands, we want to contribute to the national network for hydrogen filling stations for light and heavy hydrogen commercial vehicles,” says Carl Holthausen, CTO of Holthausen Clean Technology. “We also want to work with Resato to support the Northern Netherlands economy and realize these two great projects together.”

Max Holthausen, COO of Holthausen Clean Technology, adds: “We started in the North and are looking for partnerships throughout the Netherlands. Resato has been a partner from the beginning and we express our appreciation of this Northern cooperation, by also having these filling stations built by them in order to contribute to hydrogen refueling in the Netherlands. ”

Boost to the Dutch economy
With nine operational hydrogen filling stations in the Netherlands, market leader Resato is working hard to build the hydrogen economy and support the energy transition. With a unique range of scalable hydrogen filling stations and large, public filling stations, the company is trying to lay the foundation for hydrogen vehicles to be able to refuel throughout the Netherlands.

“It is fantastic to take this step together as SMEs from the European Hydrogen Valley. ”Says Rob Castien, CEO of Resato International. “We create employment in the region through the cooperation of SMEs and our policy of purchasing as much as“ made in the Netherlands ”gives a boost to the Dutch economy. ”

Gerard Schuiringa, Area Sales Manager Hydrogen at Resato, adds: “This is good news !! In addition to the cooperation and positive contribution for BV Netherlands, we also place “future-proof” high-capacity hydrogen filling stations where the now emerging (heavier transport) market demands. With the public filling stations in Belgium and Germany already commissioned, this is an extra boost for us. ”

A big step has been taken in the realization of the hydrogen economy. The two companies are committed to a green future.

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