Romania Natural Gas Companies Looking to Produce Hydrogen through Wind Farm in Dobrogea

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At a Virtual Green Energy Forum today, Romanian Business and Environment Minister Niculae Havrilet said that two of its largest natural gas producers Romgaz and Petrom are in talks and considering a joint project to produce hydrogen at a wind farm in Dobrogear

Niculae Havrilet Romania, a senior official with the Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Business Environment said, “I believe that by the middle of next year we will have at least two wind and / or solar farms that will have hydrogen production”

“First of all, the initiative of the two major natural gas producers, who, through joint action, want to set up the first wind farm for hydrogen production in the Dobrogea area, because the technology is very expensive, there is an initiative for this hydrogen to be used for the first time to be used in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectricity producers in the Danube Delta, as of gas pipelines or other investments due to environmental restrictions ” he continued.

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