Spain Opposes the Latest Madness to Save Energy: The “New Color” of Hydrogen That Leaves Green and Blue Behind

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The New Color of Hydrogen That Leaves Green and Blue Behind

A great discovery was the optimal use of hydrogen as an energy source for a myriad of machinery, due to its great optimization and easy access. Despite this, a big problem has arisen with the arrival of it, and that is its expensive conservation and transportation, however, now a revolutionary idea has arrived to dethrone green hydrogen.

Unknown advantages and disadvantages about green hydrogen

  • Advantages: It is a material with zero carbon emissions, considerably the use of fossil fuels, it acts as an efficient means to obtain more types of renewable energy such as wind or solar, in addition to all this it is a great step at a scientific level which has promoted innovation and constant search to optimize its production.
  • Disadvantages: One of the main problems with the use of hydrogen is its complex cost, making it an extremely expensive product to implement in some companies, this would lead to another point against it and that is, its storage and transport since it is a highly flammable material so it must have great protection. Finally, we have its low efficiency when it comes to its production, since large amounts of renewable energy are used in its manufacture.

A new type of (H2) that promises high effectiveness in the market

This new product promises to be as effective as green H2, let’s remember that the latter is mostly produced by wind and sun, maintaining its easy production and having a great impact on an economic level. On the contrary, pink hydrogen is produced in a much more sustainable way, having a considerable point in favor of green hydrogen, which now has a long list of cons that prevent its free use.

The new and innovative pink H2 promises an extensive list of great benefits, starting with its low production of a gas that passes over the famous green gas, considerably raising hopes of making a leap in the world of energy preservation through a promising energy transition that could change the climate impact that large companies cause annually with their high emissions.

Well, a recent study carried out in the United States presumes that if pink and green hydrogen were subsidized by the State, the price of both would be less than two dollars per kilogram in a hypothetical case. On the other hand, the different production techniques would create a significant change between the two products, with pink H2 being the most attractive at an economic level.

What are the differences between these two types of hydrogen?

In view of the cases raised above, the pink H2 produced under the famous electrolysis technique would be positioned at an amount of 0.48 dollars. On the other hand, green fuel would be around $0.82 due to the costs of being made by renewable sources. The figures are very clear, due to the method of realization, there is a considerable economic advantage on the part of one of these products.

In the event that pink H2 prevails over green H2 due to its favorable and attractive economic cost to many consumers, orders for green hydrogen to power heavy machinery and large companies would be massively halted. However, that would not be the worst, but it would slow down investments in sustainable and sustainable energy funds.

Due to the delicate situation mentioned, it is of the utmost importance that a competitive market is currently established between both products, in order to avoid the decline of the use of these highly environmentally friendly and, above all, sustainable energy supplies. Which one do you prefer?


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