SRJ Makes Progress on Hydrogen Compatible Pipe Technologies

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fuel cells works, EU Council Agrees on New Rules for Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure that Include Funding for Hydrogen
  • SRJ commences project with analysis of growing demand for future hydrogen compatible products
  • Identified opportunities for leak sealing, mechanical connectors, isolation, repair and integrity solutions for blended hydrogen pipeline market and Hydrogen manufacturing facilities.
  • New products will assist SRJ to support the global energy transition cycle and generate future opportunities to drive revenue growth

SRJ Technologies (ASX:SRJ; “SRJ” of “the Company”) is pleased to announce its further progress with the development of hydrogen compatible pipe technology.

The project kick-off commenced with a detailed analysis of the future hydrogen market, the demand for leak sealing, mechanical connectors, isolation, repair and integrity solutions that can deal with the complexities of handling hydrogen.

This project, whilst focusing on the proof of concept, manufacturing and commercialisation of a new weld-free coupling technology, will also investigate the technology and demand for asset integrity solutions for non-metallic pipework and pipeline applications.

Curtin University’s world class Corrosion Centre will play a key role in the investigation and testing of SRJ’s emerging hydrogen compliant products. The Curtin Corrosion Centre conducts high-quality research in corrosion and materials related to the petroleum, mining, chemical processing, defence, maritime, automotive, and biomedical industries.

A recent article from Australian Financial Review, ‘How hydrogen became the talk of the town at COP26’ (12/11/2021) identified a tremendous global backing for the roll out of hydrogen as a future energy source. As reported:

  • “At a trepidatious COP26, the hydrogen revolution felt like a lifebuoy of hope, and everyone was keen to grab hold.”
  • “Almost every country’s pavilion ran an event on hydrogen. Many had their hydrogen strategy or plan pinned to the wall. And even when the topic wasn’t hydrogen, somehow it always came up.”
  • “Although hydrogen is hard to compress and transport, and can be leaky and flammable, the planet-friendly menu of use-cases is compelling. It can act as the storage mechanism for intermittent renewable energy. It can become the fuel for trucks, ships and planes. It can travel down domestic natural gas pipelines and heat people’s homes.”

Hydrogen will play a significant role in low-carbon energy systems. This has highlighted challenges about the storage and transport of hydrogen gas and other hydrogen-bearing compounds, which has been shown, in some circumstances, to cause hydrogen embrittlement or cracking in the welds of transmissions pipelines.

Pure hydrogen being the smallest molecule on the periodic table, has containment challenges as it can readily pass-through certain materials. A hydrogen-based energy system will challenge the norms for maintenance and repair to ensure security of supply. SRJ is positioning itself as a first mover in this technologically demanding market.

Alexander Wood, CEO of SRJ, said “We are excited to have commenced this project and at the extended market opportunities it will bring. We also see our partnership with Curtin University’s Corrosion Centre as critical to validate our developed IP for this global emerging market”.


SRJ Technologies provides specialised engineering services and containment management solutions, elevating customer’s integrity management performance.

We see real value in offering a wider range of asset integrity consulting services helping our customers to better understand the operational risks and where best to focus resource to minimise these risks.

SRJ’s range of industry accredited products are designed to maintain and assure the integrity of pressure containment systems and therefore play an important role in the overall integrity of operating facilities.

Using pre-qualified service providers and manufacturers local to customer, SRJ is geolocation-flexible and able to deliver a range of high quality, agile and cost-conscious solutions globally.

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