Stahlwerk Thueringen and Ferngas Forge a Path for Hydrogen-Powered Steel in Germany

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Stahlwerk Thueringen and Ferngas Forge a Path for Hydrogen Powered Steel in Germany e1692109950575

In a bold stride towards a sustainable future, German mining and metals company Stahlwerk Thueringen GmbH has joined forces with gas network operator Ferngas Netzgesellschaft mbH. Together, they aim to redefine the steel industry by connecting a major steel plant in Thuringia to Germany’s burgeoning hydrogen network.

Converting Natural Gas to Green Hydrogen

At the core of this innovative collaboration is a plan to transform an existing 70-kilometer natural gas pipeline, which runs from Erfurt to Unterwellenborn, into a conduit for clean hydrogen. This conversion is not merely a technological advancement but symbolizes a groundbreaking shift towards sustainability in steel production.

Stahlwerk Thueringen’s commitment to decarbonization already includes the use of renewable electricity within its operations. Now, through the infrastructure provided by Ferngas, they are taking this pledge to a whole new level. Hydrogen supplied via the revamped pipeline is set to gradually replace natural gas in the plant’s production processes, making up over 50% of the volume in the initial phase, with an intention to increase this share progressively.

A Visionary Partnership

Alexander Stolze, the head of procurement at Stahlwerk Thueringen, encapsulated the significance of this alliance. “Connecting to the hydrogen network will preserve our competitiveness and strengthen Stahlwerk Thueringen as a hub for low-emission steel production,” Stolze asserted. This statement amplifies the transformational impact of the collaboration not only within the company but extends to the global steel industry as well.

Aligning with National Goals

Part of Brazil’s CSN Group since 2012, Stahlwerk Thueringen embodies the fusion of industrial excellence with ecological mindfulness. By adopting green hydrogen as a central energy source, the company is leading the way to a sustainable future. This path aligns seamlessly with Germany’s overarching goal of creating a carbon-neutral economy, reflecting a national ethos committed to environmental innovation.



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