Turkey’s Leap into the Future: HYSouthMarmara and the Promise of Green Hydrogen

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Fuel Cells Works, Turkey Launches First Hydrogen Valley, Begins Pilot Green Hydrogen Production

Turkey, with its strategic position and industrious approach, is setting out on a visionary journey to redefine its energy landscape. Focusing on green hydrogen, Turkey aims to not only comply with the European Commission’s impending regulations but also transform itself into a sustainable energy exporter. Let’s explore the ambitious HYSouthMarmara project and Turkey’s investment in hydrogen technology, which could change the face of global energy.

New European Regulations and Turkey’s Response

Starting October 1, 2023, the European Commission will enforce regulations on trade with non-EU countries, focusing on decarbonizing the trade and enforcing certification for carbon-intensive products like cement, iron, steel, and fertilizers.

These regulations potentially threaten Turkish exports to Europe, which make up over half of Turkey’s trade balance. But rather than succumbing to the challenges, Turkey is looking towards green hydrogen as the path forward.

The Bandırma Initiative: Green Hydrogen Revolution

Bandırma, a small town south of the Marmara Sea, is chosen to be the center of Turkey’s hydrogen ambition. The town is abundant in wind farms, holding 21% of Turkey’s total, creating a fertile ground for green hydrogen production.

The South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) plans to build a sustainable energy production facility in Bandırma. By producing green hydrogen, Turkey can decarbonize its industrial output. The GMKA estimates that Turkey will produce green hydrogen at a rate of 500 tons per year, providing a means to produce carbon-free steel, iron, and fertilizers.

HYSouthMarmara: Becoming a Regional Green Energy Hub

With the HYSouthMarmara project, Turkey is positioning itself as a leading player in the green energy domain. Bandırma’s renewable energy alone can meet 13% of Turkey’s electricity needs. Turkish engineers are planning to use Bandırma’s wind and solar power to produce green hydrogen, which can be further used to create cleaner electricity through electrolysis.

Combining Boron with Green Hydrogen

Turkey’s ambition does not stop at merely producing green hydrogen. The country plans to combine green hydrogen with boron, creating new sustainable alternatives. Turkey holds 73% of the world’s boron reserves, and its utilization could create a revolutionary synergy with hydrogen technology.

For example, sodium borohydride, a compound that combines hydrogen and boron, can store hydrogen at a capacity similar to diesel. This compound can be used in electric cars, paving the way for further innovation in sustainable transport.

Towards Alternative Jet Fuels

While electric cars are becoming more common, aviation remains a significant emitter of carbon. Turkey’s investment in hydrogen technology offers a solution here as well, with the potential to develop alternative jet fuels. The energy density of sodium borohydride makes it a promising candidate for powering aircraft.

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