Symbio CEO Confirms Lyon Site for its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant

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Philippe Rosier , Chairman and CEO of Symbio, has just signed the promise to purchase the land where the main factory of the group will be built. The facility will be the world’s largest high-tech factory for the production of hydrogen fuel cells in France.

According to Symbio the facility will sit on 8-hectares and will not only be the largest high-tech hydrogen fuel cell production plant in France, but will also house a research and development center, a training center and Symbios future head office.

It will be located in the heart of the Lyon Vallée de la Chimie and will be a project that lives up to the ambitions of Symbio, a subsidiary of Michelin Faurecia and has the ambitious goal of becoming a world leader by 2030 with a turnover of more than one billion Euros.

The first shove is estimated to hit the ground at the end of 2021, win an inauguration planned in 2023 with estimated plans to produce 200,000 fuel cell stack per year.

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About Symbio

Symbio is held on an equal-shares basis by Faurecia and Michelin. It designs, produces and sells hydrogen fuel cell systems for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, as well as various electric vehicle.
With its unique knowledge and the fact that it makes automotive production standards a priority, the company hopes to become a world leader in hydrogen transport. Symbio has been working on hydrogen technology and how to integrate it into vehicles for more than ten years. The vehicles it has supplied covered more than three million kilometers in 2020. By 2030, it is aiming to produce 200 000 StackPacks® – its pre-approved, pre-fitted hydrogen cell system – a year for the world’s car manufacturers.
Symbio is playing a role is increased hydrogen transport, which by nature is emission free and has fewer limitations for the final user in terms of charge time and range.


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