The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and the National Hydrogen Center Sign a Collaborative Framework Agreement

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Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and the National Hydrogen Center Sign a Collaborative Framework Agreement
  • This agreement will serve to launch joint initiatives related to research on hydrogen and fuel cells and their use by economic sectors and society in general

To collaborate in programs of common interest, both in research, equipment and infrastructures and providing mutual advice on the promotion and monitoring of scientific activity are two of the objectives of the framework agreement signed in Toledo by the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragón (FHa) and the National Center for the Experimentation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies (CNH2).

This general collaboration protocol signed by Jesús Sánchez, general director of Industry, SMEs, Trade and Crafts of the Government of Aragon and vice president of the Board of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation, and Emilio Nieto, director of the National Hydrogen Center. The firm has also been assisted by the director of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation, Fernando Palacín, and the general director of Universities, Research and Innovation, Ricardo Cuevas.

This agreement constitutes a stable framework for cooperation in hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, based on the extensive experience that both entities have in this field both in Spain and in international projects, will serve to launch new initiatives focused on hydrogen and its technological, scientific and business use.

The protocol contemplates the creation of joint working groups and a joint commission composed of three representatives of each entity that will meet periodically and schedule the activities, cooperation agreements and research contracts with public and private entities that are to be established. In addition, it expresses the interest of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation and the National Hydrogen Center in developing at the same time research and development activities in specific fields such as the generation of hydrogen from renewable energies.

The Hydrogen Aragon Foundation is a non-profit organization in charge of the organization and deployment of a wide range of actions aimed at promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy vector. Based in the Walqa de Huesca Technology Park and a Board consisting of 71 members, most of them private companies of reference in their respective sectors, their activities are aimed at achieving the recognition of Aragón as a prestigious actor with regard to the new hydrogen technologies, favor the adaptation of small and medium-sized companies to place them at the forefront of innovation in new hydrogen technologies, incorporate renewable energies into new products and industrial processes as a driver of growth and modernization.

For its part, the National Center for Experimentation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, based in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), is a national research center created in 2007 as a public consortium between the Ministry of Education and Science (currently Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) and the Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha, aimed at promoting scientific and technological research in all aspects related to hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, serving the entire scientific community, technological and business, in the national and international fields.

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