The EnergyLab Publishes a new Study on the Hydrogen-Energy Sector in France

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Hydrogen In France Energy Lab Study

The EnergyLab has published a new study on the hydrogen-energy sector in France, which analyzes that with the emergence of new innovative start-ups, increasing investments from major French energy and industrial groups, and the launch of over a hundred projects over the last two years, the development of the French hydrogen industry is accelerating.

Nevertheless, the financial assistance promised by the government remains limited in terms of investment needs for infrastructure development and improved yields of hydrogen technologies. According to the newspaper Le Monde, the amounts allocated by the government to finance projects in the hydrogen sector could be revised downward in 2019. However, industry players expect strong support from the government, which will be decisive for the future of the sector.

Extract:  “According to a study by Sia Partners,” the future of the sector will depend a lot on the commitment of the public authorities, and the strategy implemented to support its development. ” “

The hydrogen-energy sector in France

The development of the hydrogen sector is accelerating, driven by the proliferation of demonstration projects and the ramping up of investments: more than 50 French players are mobilizing strongly to meet the challenges of a market that could represent 20% of the demand for energy. energy in 2050.

The technology fuel cell and electrolysis of water , that can produce electricity from hydrogen and hydrogen from electricity offer this historically used in gas industry new applications as an energy vector . Hydrogen is today a possible substitute for hydrocarbons, particularly in the transport sector , and as a tool for storing energy and integrating renewable energies .

With the emergence of new innovative start-ups , growing investments from major French energy and industrial groups , and the launch of some 100 projects over the past two years , the development of the French hydrogen sector is accelerating. It relies since June 2018 on a national strategy for the development of the sector supported by the Hydrogen Plan (Plan Hulot) . Nevertheless, the financial assistance promised by the government remains limited in terms of investment needs for infrastructure development and improved yields of hydrogen technologies.

Download the complete study In French  20190130 _-_-_ EnergyLab Sia_Partners _ _-_ Hy

Towards a growing demand for carbon-free hydrogen, long-term by the new uses of hydrogen-energy

Hydrogen in France

Hydrogen in France 2

A dense network of innovative French SMEs is positioning itself on the new hydrogen-energy markets

The growing interest in hydrogen energy and its applications , both in terms of mobility and production and storage, is reflected in the arrival of many innovative start-ups. Since 2002, more than 20 specialized companies have emerged, often backed by large groups and / or research laboratories .

Hydrogen in France 3

Major French industrial groups invest in new hydrogen-energy markets

The historical industrialists of the sector , but also the energy and automotive suppliers , are multiplying hydrogen market development initiatives, by multiplying innovative projects in transport, storage and low carbon production of hydrogen .

Hydrogen in France 4

Focus on the French Hydrogen Mobility Plan

Hydrogen in France 5
SOURCE: EnergyLab

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