The World’s First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station Inaugurated in Mariestad

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June 1, 2019 |

Mariestad Ceremony 8

Mariestad municipality is the first in the world to open an off-grid solar-powered hydrogen producing and filling station. On May 28, the filling station was inaugurated.

Many talk about the future fossil-free society with high-tech off-grid solutions for self-sufficient energy systems, reduced vulnerability, increased IT security, with a faithful supplier delivering every day – the sun. The municipality of Mariestad goes from words to action and works intensively with the transition from traditional manufacturing to a sustainable future with new jobs.

“That a relatively small municipality like Mariestad has succeeded in establishing the world’s first plant for solar-powered hydrogen production is due to a combination of visionary municipal leadership, political unity, courage, drive with a clear goal of creating new jobs,” says development strategy Susanné Wallner.

In addition to the solar cell-powered hydrogen gas station, several exciting investments and projects are underway within the framework of ElectriVillage. The next step is the construction of a new preschool with solar-powered hydrogen gas.

“We hope that our example will show that we can scale off off-grid fossil-free micro-network solutions throughout the country and also assist in successful Swedish industrial development and environmental technology exports ”says Johan Abrahamsson, (M) the municipality’s chairman of Mariestad.

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