Thursday Throwback: Toyota Unveils TL Power 80, a Commercial Vehicle Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Jointly Developed and Produced by Chinese Partner

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Fuel Cells Works, Thursday Throwback: Toyota Unveils TL Power 80, a Commercial Vehicle Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Jointly Developed and Produced by Chinese Partner

In response to the needs of the light commercial vehicle market in the future, TL Power 80 not only has high performance, but also has the characteristics of mass production, reliable quality, strong durability and sustainable cost reduction.

At the beginning of its development, this product was designed according to the positioning of the vehicle regulation level. It adopts a new generation of Toyota MIRAI metal plate stacks, and the system power density reaches 4.2kW/L and 586W/kg. In addition, the system has no external humidifier, which can ensure the water content inside the stack through independent control, and can realize the low-temperature cold start function without a heater. The maximum efficiency of the system can reach 60.01%, and the continuous working power can reach 90kW. The power generation efficiency of the rated power point is higher than 45%, and the relevant performance indicators have reached the industry-leading level.

Product parameters

SizeL*W*H(mm) 841*706*668 (including wiring harness)
weight 153.5kg
rated power 90kW
The highest efficiency of the system 60.01% (announced experimental test value)
System life 30000h (varies depending on the vehicle type and operating conditions)
Protection class IP67
power density 4.2kW/L, 586W/kg
Minimum start temperature -30℃
storage temperature -40℃~80℃

Toyota believes that performance index parameters are only one aspect of product strength. Good products must also have both reliability and stability, so as to fully ensure the availability of the vehicle and reduce the cost and difficulty of post-maintenance. In terms of product reliability and stability of TL Power 80, FCRD and FCTS have invested a lot of research and development resources to carry out intensive cultivation in combination with the needs of the Chinese market. ), far ahead of the same period in the industry.

TL Power 80 will be exhibited for the first time at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference held recently, and will be displayed at the 2022 7th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference and Exhibition (FCVC) in September and 2022 Beijing International Road Transport, It has been exhibited in the exhibitions of urban public transport, tourist passenger vehicles and spare parts.

Toyota has always been committed to continuously introducing a full range of new energy technologies to the Chinese market, making a modest contribution to the achievement of carbon neutrality in Chinese society. Especially in terms of hydrogen energy technology, with the help of the Dongfeng of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Toyota has jointly expanded the application scenarios of hydrogen energy with many Chinese partners, and consolidated all companies in China with Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and continued to unite upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. , develop more diversified products, promote the construction of a green and low-carbon transportation system, and help achieve sustainable development of energy and the environment.

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