Toyota Starts On-Road Feasibility Testing of the Hydrogen-Powered Hiace in Australia

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Toyota Motor Corporation has recently initiated a pioneering trial of a hydrogen-powered vehicle on public roads in Australia, marking a significant step forward in the company’s efforts to promote hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

This trial, running from late October through January, utilizes a customized van from Toyota’s HiAce series, operated by local construction and security companies in the Melbourne suburbs to assess the vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Toyota Starts On Road Feasibility Testing of the Hydrogen Powered Hiace in Australia

Toyota Australia’s President, Matthew Callachor, emphasized the van’s role in meeting commercial needs while significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The trial aligns with Australia’s commitment to hydrogen energy, supported by substantial government investment. The HiAce prototype, equipped with three hydrogen fuel tanks, will generate some nitrogen oxide emissions due to hydrogen combustion.

“Running the pilot program for this new hydrogen powertrain technology builds upon our substantial development and investment in the hydrogen space.”

“Australia is the perfect place to run such a program, with our federal and state governments having already committed $6.3 billion in funding for hydrogen projects under the National Hydrogen Strategy,” he said.

Toyota’s approach combines the rigor of motorsport environments with the diverse operational conditions of public roads. This strategy is crucial for advancing the practical application of hydrogen vehicles, ensuring they meet the demands of everyday use in various commercial contexts.

The trial in Australia represents a significant step in Toyota’s journey to foster a more sustainable, carbon-neutral society, showcasing the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source in the automotive industry.



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