Ulsan City Leads the Way: Hydrogen Trams to Transform Urban Transit by 2029

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In an ambitious move towards eco-friendly urban transportation, Ulsan City in South Korea has announced plans to introduce hydrogen trams on the Ulsan Urban Railway Line 1.

This visionary project has recently cleared a critical hurdle, gaining momentum following the approval of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s feasibility study.

Ulsan City’s proposal for the hydrogen tram project was two years and eight months in the making. The city had been revising and refining aspects like vehicle type, dispatch interval, and depot location to improve the economic feasibility of the plan.

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During the course of the feasibility study, Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom highlighted the unique factors that made Ulsan an ideal candidate for the project, including the city’s status as the only metropolitan area without an urban railway and the desire of its citizens for the introduction of trams.

The total investment for the ‘Ulsan Urban Railway Line 1’ amounts to KRW 329.7 billion, divided between the national budget (60%) and the local budget (40%). Construction of the hydrogen tram line, covering the 10.99 km stretch from Taehwagang Station to Sinbok Rotary, is slated to begin in 2026, with completion expected in 2029. Subsequent lines 2, 3, and 4 will be opened sequentially.

The introduction of hydrogen trams represents a world-first for Ulsan City and symbolizes the city’s commitment to leverage hydrogen-based infrastructure. The system, devoid of overhead wires, promises a groundbreaking transformation of the urban landscape.

Ulsan City officials believe that this endeavor will mark the onset of a railroad-centered public transportation era, revitalizing the downtown commercial district and significantly improving living conditions. More importantly, the hydrogen tram service aims to provide Ulsan’s citizens with convenient, safe, and environmentally-friendly public transportation, reinforcing the city’s position as a global leader in hydrogen technology and innovation.

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