Hydrogen-Powered Trash Collection Trucks in Glasgow Cancelled: £7 Million Diverted to Electric Vehicles

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August 25, 2023 |

Glasgow Hydrogen Trucks

The Glasgow City Council’s ambitious plan to purchase 19 hydrogen-powered trucks for £7 million has been abandoned due to technical difficulties and cost concerns.

Funds previously allocated to hydrogen-powered vehicles will now go to electric vehicles. The council has 328 electric vehicles, including an electric refuse collection truck and 180 Nissan Leafs.

In addition, the Department of Transportation uses 20 diesel and hydrogen dual-fuel low-emission gritting trucks. An additional 300 electric vehicles will be added to the fleet to boost health and social care workers’ mileage efficiency.

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As part of the council’s broader objective to convert its entire fleet to zero-emission transport, 1,300 vehicles remain to be converted to electric vehicles. This development aligns with the council’s broader efforts to reduce emissions.

Since the market for hydrogen fuel cell refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) has yet to mature, the council had to adjust its fleet strategy for 2020 to 2030.

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