Sunfire-Remote Wins The Network Sustainability Award 2021

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Sunfire Award 2
  • Within the scope of the competition, Sunfire-Remote impressed with a clean power solution for off-grid applications.

Sunfire Fuel Cells (Sunfire) will use the prize money to donate a fuel cell generator to an organization in need of a sustainable energy source and is now calling for ideas.

In spring, Deutsche Telekom and its partners Microsoft, Orange, SK telecom as well as Solar Impulse Foundation had launched an international contest to honor the most environmentally friendly and reliable energy technology. At the Telekom Tech Grounds, the leading German provider of telecommunications has now announced that Sunfire-Remote has prevailed globally among more than 220 applicants.

“Sunfire-Remote perfectly meets the expectations of the telecommunications industry: Supplying off-grid applications with electricity, we need technologies to rely on. Sunfire-Remote also impresses with its efficiency and low maintenance, which keeps fuel procurement, transport and storage costs to a minimum”, says hubraum, Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator. “In addition to mere functionality, we absolutely expect a product to be sustainable. Sunfire-Remote was particularly convincing on this point.”

“Bringing renewables everywhere is our core mission. With our energy solutions, we at Sunfire contribute to the energy transition. Sunfire-Remote emits significantly fewer pollutants than comparable generators. Powered with renewable fuels, for instance e-Propane, it’s even carbon-neutral”, Managing Director Andreas Frömmel explained in his pitch.

Winning the Network Sustainability Award 2021, Sunfire-Remote aims to further establish itself in the telecommunications market. Projects are envisaged with Deutsche Telekom, but also with its partners South Korean Telecom or Orange. “We are looking forward to proving evidence on how well Sunfire-Remote meets their requirements,” says Andreas Frömmel delightedly after receiving the award. “Many thanks to our developing and manufacturing team here in Neubrandenburg for all the hard work, brilliant ideas and all nights spent on our fuel cell generator.”

The price money will be used to support additional off-grid power projects. For this purpose, Sunfire is calling for organizations who have not yet been able to supply their applications with power – possibly because they lack the financial resources, or because previous solutions have proven to be impractical. Areas of application are diverse, ranging from security solutions or weather stations to festivals. If the particular case is suitable for Sunfire-Remote will be determined in a personal exchange. Managing Director Andreas Frömmel ([email protected]) is accepting proposals until July 31, 2021.

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