ZBT – Project Result: Portable PEM Fuel Cell Hybrid System With 3D Printed Casing

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Fuel Cells W orks, ZBT – Project Result: Portable PEM Fuel Cell Hybrid System With 3D Printed Casing

How can the advantages of a power bank and a fuel cell be combined in a portable system? Researchers at the ZBT have developed such a system.

In this venture the benefits of accumulator-based power banks have been expanded with the advantages of fuel cell technology to form a portable hybrid system. Main objective of research was the implementation of a small fuel cell hybrid system as functional model whose casing components are entirely represented by 3D printed parts. This technology allows the mould free production of pressure proof and dimensionally stable components for temperatures of above 100°C.

The model will be used as a platform for ongoing development and includes an adapted construction and connection technology to build and reliably seal self-breathing fuel cells and other components for hydrogen management. The power and control electronics for the model were provided by finc-elektronics as subcontract.

Simultaneously ZBT laid out and built a new test environment for the ongoing development of portable fuel cells and their related system components. With this equipment small PEMFC, micro purge valves, accumulators, pressure reducer and different means of hydrogen storage can be tested and optimized individually or in conjunction.

Besides portable consumer electronics as main field of application ZBT will use the result of this project especially in the different fields of material characterisation and development of fuel cell systems.

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