Alstom Hydrogen Train Proves its Performance with 100,000 Kilometers in Everyday Use

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Bremervörde (DPA)–The two hydrogen trains that have so far been the only ones in the world, have proven their worth in everyday life, according to the operator and manufacturer. The emission-free regional train with fuel cells has been reliably connected to Bremervörde, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Buxtehude for more than ten months.

“With  more than 100,000 driven vehicle kilometers we are absolutely satisfied with the achievement”, said the managing director of the manufacturing company Alstom in Germany and Austria , Jörg Nikutta. Even with the railways and transport companies Elbe-Weser there were no complaints.

The trains are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, generating electricity that charges the lithium-ion batteries on board, driving the electric motor.

The trains are emission-free because they release only water vapor and condensed water to the environment. However, emissions arise in the energy-intensive production of hydrogen.

By the end of 2021, the diesel train fleet will be replaced by 14 hydrogen trains on the approximately 100-kilometer route. Then should be in Bremervörde a solid hydrogen refueling station.

In May, a subsidiary of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbundes in Hessen ordered 27 fuel cell trains. “Active contract negotiations” exist with other states, said Nikutta. The two prototypes from Lower Saxony are occasionally seen “astray” and also in other federal states, when the trains and the technology are presented there.

Source: German Press Agency

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