Blue World Technologies Acquires Part of World-Class Fuel Cell Component Manufacturer Danish Power Systems

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Blue World Acquires Portion of Danish Power Systems

To strengthen their market position, Blue World Technologies has acquired 15 per cent of Danish Power Systems, a highly recognised developer and manufacturer of MEA-technology.

The MEA (membrane electrode assembly) is one of the core components in the fuel cell stack, and with a focus on high-efficiency Blue World Technologies is going to utilise the proven technology of Danish Power Systems for their methanol fuel cell systems.

Later this year, Blue World Technologies is starting the construction of a methanol fuel cell factory with a yearly production capacity of 50,000 units, and the close collaboration with Danish Power Systems will bring extensive technical know-how and manufacturing experience to the partnership.

“It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Blue World Technologies has taken our strong collaboration with Danish Power Systems to the next level. Utilising the MEA-technology of Danish Power Systems for our methanol fuel cell systems means that our systems are going to be based on the best technology platform on the market”, says Anders Korsgaard, CEO of Blue World Technologies.

With an aim to become the world-leading manufacturer of highly energy-efficient methanol fuel cell systems at a competitive price, the strategic collaboration with Danish Power Systems plays a significant part in scaling-up the production of the methanol fuel cell systems.

Proven technology

Earlier this year, Danish Power Systems celebrated its 25th anniversary working with development and manufacturing of MEA-components based on HT PEM-technology (High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane). A few years after Danish Power Systems was established back in 1994, they were amongst the first companies in the world to work with HT PEM-technology, and many years of research and development has resulted in a market-leading position within manufacturing of MEA-components. Alongside the MEA-production, Danish Power Systems has a highly-skilled R&D team that – in close collaboration with experts from some of the most recognised Universities and Institutes worldwide – is working continuously on technology optimisation and price reduction.

“It is a great opportunity for us to work with such an ambitious company as Blue World Technologies that is currently working on a large-scale production setup of fuel cells. The partnership with Blue World Technologies means that we will be getting closer to the market and end-users providing us with unique knowledge that we can use to continue optimising our products”, says Hans Aage Hjuler, CEO at Danish Power Systems.

A green game-changer

With a worldwide focus on finding alternatives to fossil fuels, the methanol fuel cell technology plays a vital part in the green transition. The Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell system is applicable to a variety of industries with a primary focus on the transportation sector. The exclusive fuel for the Blue World Technologies’ fuel cell systems is methanol, a fuel that is CO2 neutral when produced from renewable sources. Being a liquid fuel, methanol can easily be stored and transported around the world using the already existing infrastructure with only minor adjustments and low investment costs to follow. The methanol fuel cell system has zero harmful emissions thereby providing a strong solution to the massive problems with air pollution that cities around the world are currently facing.


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