Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership Agreement Between MAHYTEC and NEYEXA

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March 9, 2019 |

Partenariat mahytec

After a successful relationship over the last years, MAHYTEC and NEXEYA signed a partner agreement for energy storage solutions development on February, 27th2019.

Energy storage solutions are designed for remote locations but also to buildings or eco-neighborhoods who want to be a part or totally autonomous in energy.

For these systems developed in partnership, NEXEYA, a French group specialized in electronic, provides the electrical chain and the control system management. MAHYTEC is responsible for the integration of the hydrogen chain (production, storage, fuel cell).

The main characteristics of our energy storage solution:

  • Compatible with all energy resources (solar panel, wind turbine, hydroelectric)
  • Different functions:
  • Optimiszation of available (reach the auto-consumption or optimum rate)
  • Curtailment (partial or total at certain times of the year
  • Emergency back up (emergency supply)
  • Peak limiting (reducing power surges)
  • Management of priority needs
  • Smart energy management (management of energy system)
  • Priorities management
  • Data archiving
  • Algorithm of forecasts: meteorological forecasts, energy solar production historic, consumption historic…)
  • Real-time management strategy
  • Remote access to data (maintenance…)

Together the two companies will work on providing solutions which offer the following advantages:

  • Total autonomy: the energy production, storage and the consummation will gather on a same site. No fuel needed nor any cost related to their transportation.
  • Duration of storage extended: optimization of the energy storage capacity
  • Robust and reliable: solution adapted to the integration in extreme conditions (tropical area, saline environment, cold…), warranty to continuity of services
  • Longer life time: in comparison to batteries or generator
  • Adaptable to installation constraints: small footprint, difficult access (transportation by helicopter)
  • Easy to maintain: reduced maintenance, remote expertise possible, no gas supply necessary
  • Return on investment: lasting storage solution and competitive compared to batteries (for a storage higher than 1MWh only)

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