Hylias Hydrogen Powered Ship to Launch in 2023

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Hylias Hydrogen Powered Ship to Launch in 2023

In the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park, the use of ships is inevitable to move from island to island. Passenger transport is a daily activity.

However, passenger ships consume as much energy at the quayside as during navigation (propulsion and onboard), thus emitting a large number of greenhouse gases.


Hydrogen could be a solution to decarbonise the land and maritime transport sector. Indeed, the hydrogen molecule is particularly energetic. For example, the combustion of a kilogram of hydrogen releases about three times more energy than a kilogram of gasoline, and produces only water.

Making hydrogen the energy of tomorrow is the ambition of the Hylias project (HYdrogen for Land, Integrated renewables And Sea), coordinated by the CIAM® (Collaborative Integration for Alternative Motorization) brand of the EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES group and its 25 partners or supporters, in particular ADEME, the Region and the Banque des Territoires de Bretagne who are financially helping this project.

Hylias is the first vessel of this power powered by electric hydrogen in France. It will navigate between the fifty or so islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, currently served by conventional propulsion boats, fueled by fuel, in the Natural Park area.

It is a ship less than 24 meters long which will be able to accommodate on board between 150 and 200 passengers. It will also carry a complete system comprising two 250 kW electric motors as well as a complete fuel cell system powered by 350 to 400 kilos of hydrogen.

But the idea is also to build, around the boat, a virtuous ecosystem on the territory: a real chain of production and consumption of green hydrogen at sea on the land.

At the quay, a complete infrastructure will allow:

  • Green energy production: photovoltaic and tidal power in the long term,
  • Transformation: electrolyzer capable of producing 600 to 800 kilos of hydrogen per day,
  • Storage (hydrogen) and logistics,
  • Distribution on board and at the quayside

The objectives of the Hylias project are therefore multiple:


– Deploy a local, modern, and virtuous network, mastering the technologies of green energy production, transformation, storage, logistics, and distribution, associated with uses.
– Increase regional energy resources above the current 15%, while generating a virtuous economy around the local production of hydrogen.


– Reducing pollution from maritime transport thanks to renewable energies and in particular hydrogen.
– Allow analysis and feedback on the reduction of greenhouse gases in the territory.
– Promote the Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan through an exemplary approach.


– Reducing the cost of molecules produced by current ships thanks to the large quantity of green hydrogen used by the boat every day.
– Put the Territory back in epicenter with Added Values, jobs, and training in the Territory


Involve users in the deployment of renewable energies, hydrogen, and their uses on the territory by informing and training professionals on land and seafarers but also residents.


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